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Our Sustainability Products

Mono-material thermoforming packaging refers to packaging that is made from a single type of plastic material, typically with consistent properties throughout. This type of packaging is designed to enhance recyclability and promote a more efficient recycling process.

Din-Ecopak X Precious Plastic Bangkok

Upcycling mono-material thermoforming packaging can be a sustainable and innovative way to give new life to the material, it is not only reduces waste but also promotes creativity and resourcefulness in giving new purpose to materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

 Our Sustainability Projects    


 I once read a sentence on the side of a Cereal box that said "Leave the world better than you found it" I though it was quite an impressive principle to live by, it  is a principle that encourages us to take responsibility for the impact we have on the world and strive to make a positive difference during our time here.

The concept of a circular economy offers great hope for future generations. It represents a shift away from the traditional linear "take-make-dispose" model of production and consumption towards a more regenerative and sustainable approach.

In a circular economy, resources are kept in use for as long as possible, their value is maximized, and waste and pollution are minimized. For that reason, bring us to introduce these following products.

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