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Din-Ecopak X Precious Plastic Bangkok

Upcycling mono-material thermoforming packaging can be a sustainable and innovative way to give new life to the material, it is not only reduces waste but also promotes creativity and resourcefulness in giving new purpose to materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

We turn Post Industrial waste into Products

Who is Precious Plastic Bangkok?

Is a global movement that seeks to inspire people and communities around the world to see plastic pollution not just as waste, but as a valuable commodity that is too important to throw away.

Precious Plastic Bangkok is one of these chapters, working with local communities, schools, and universities to collect and recycle plastic waste to then be manufactured into new exciting products using our machines. Our machines shred, melt, and mould plastic waste into new creative shapes and forms including lampshades, bowls, cups, or even furniture - whatever your imagination can come up with! This means that trash that would have been buried in landfill, clogged canals, and littered streets can have a new life rather than ending up in our rivers or our seas.

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Up-Cycle Flexible Packaging

Creating a product prototype with Precious Plastic involves utilizing the tools and techniques available through the initiative.

By combining the principles and techniques of Precious Plastic with the mono-material thermoformed packaging, you can contribute to reducing plastic waste and creating unique upcycled products that have both functional and aesthetic value.

As we follow circular economy principles, there are numerous opportunities to explore and create meaningful projects that address plastic waste and promote sustainable practices. These projects can range from upcycling various types of plastic packaging to developing new products or systems that contribute to waste reduction and resource efficiency.

Therefore, more and developed projects are coming soon in the near future. As the demand for sustainable solutions and upcycling continues to grow, there are bound to be innovative and impactful projects on the horizon.

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