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Our Mono-Material Pouch

A mono-material pouch refers to a pouch or flexible packaging that is made from a single type of material throughout its structure. This means that the entire pouch, including the body, closures, and any additional features, is composed of the same material.


High Barrier Mono-Material Pouch


Medium Barrier Mono-Material Pouch

​DIN - L

Low Barrier Mono-Material Pouch

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Mono-Material Thermoforming films

Thermoforming films are often made from multilayer structures, which consist of different layers with varying properties and melting points. These layers are typically designed to provide specific characteristics to the film, such as barrier properties, strength, or aesthetics. The multilayer structure of thermoforming films poses challenges for recycling or upcycling because it becomes difficult to separate and process the different layers effectively.

That's why the development and adoption of mono-material thermoforming films can be seen as a positive step towards a more circular economy in the packaging industry. Mono-material films are made from a single type of polymer, which means they consist of only one material throughout their structure. This characteristic makes them easier to recycle and promotes a more efficient and effective recycling process.

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